Judaica Tu Bishvat (Design, Fabrication and Assembly)
This set documents the development of my seder plate for an exhibition at the Contemporary Jewish Museum 2012.

The theme circulates about a minor Jewish holiday Tu Bishvat.

Exhibition title is: Do Not Destroy :
Trees, Art and Jewish Thought "
The Dorothy Saxe Invitational
February 16,2012 – June 3,2012

View this Tu Bishvat Seder Plate on my web site at:http://www.harriete-estel-berman.info/juda/TuBishvatSeder.html

There are three kinds of fruit in the Tu Bishvat Seder service.
Assiyah = eat the inside only
Yetzirah= eat outside only
Beriyah= eat the whole thing.

Assiyah , eat the inside only, an example would be pomegranates, oranges and kiwi.

Yetzirah= eat outside only, an example is olives where the pit on the inside is not eaten.

Beriyah= eat the whole thing. An example is grapes,

Botanically there are inconsistencies in these categories. Ignore that.

A more contemporary interpretation of holiday focuses on recycling, rebirth, renewal, Tikkun Olam (repair the world.)
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