SCHOOL GYM 704 / 2007-2008 (built)
Barbera del Valles (Barcelona), 2007-08

We construct a simple prismatic space, only altered by the slope of the roof which is parallel to the centre´s access ramp and by the corner porch which creates a flow between the pieces in the covered external space. This prism has been connected to the ramp´s retaining wall in order to not create shadows on the court (now moved from its original position) and to allow the possible independent weekend use of the CEIP. The porch is converted into the backbone of the building and provides access to the changing rooms and the gymnasium at the same time as it links them with the entrance area and the courts. The design of the building was affected by the logic of the construction and by the initially planned construction method of using micro-laminated wood in a system of lightened walls formed by porticos, which are connected by an interior covering of panels of type LVL. The exterior covering is made up of poly-carbon panels, which contribute to energy saving in the south façade and provide light in the northern façade.
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