Cuenca old city
Cunca is the capital of the province Castilla-La Mancha (of Don Quixote fame) in Spain. There are two parts, of which the upper town is the most interesting; the lower, modern town is a typical commercial city.

There is a brief description, which does not do it justice, in Wikipedia .

The oldest record, in Arabic, dates back to 784 CE, though the Romans, apparently called the place Conca, which may be the origin of the name. The Moorish name was al Kunka. In its time it was the capital of the Moorish province.

There are few remains of the Moorish town now and the old town mainly dates back to mediaeval times. It is a fascinating labyrinth of tiny alleys with steps at every turn.

Every year, at the time of Holy Week, the town is host to a Festival of Religious Music, with world class perfomers performing in a variety of buidlings. It was to attend this festival that we booked to go there and the festival proved most enjoyable. We had not before appreciated that the town, even without the music, is very worth visiting. And an additional surprise was that, in common with other cities in Spain, they celebrate Holy Week with a sequence of long (both in duration and space) religious processions, which form the substance of other sets of photos I took there.
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