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Managed Destruction | by Harlz_
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Managed Destruction

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Just 200 metres from my last image I came across this logging scene at Yabbra State Forest in northern New South Wales, Australia. So much destruction, so much waste.


Sadly, scenes like this are common in many state forests around Australia. Many animals are declining in number under continued habitat loss, predation/competition from exotics and climate change. What will the birds and possums do that just lost their nesting sites here? What of the wallabies that just lost part of their territory? Or the countless thousands of other creatures connected?


Sorry Mr and Mrs Parrot we needed your mature trees to print our 500-page business reports. We like our extra thick toilet paper. We wanted to build an extravagant new mcmansion, holiday house or investment property. Whatever it was, we needed your home so take a hike. The regrowth to mature trees with hollows you need will take 100 years at least but who cares? The regrowth might even be a type of tree you won’t like but tough luck, the sawmill operator, the bulldozer and logging truck drivers need jobs. On no, they couldn’t possibly work anywhere else.


The human race can be so orcish-like. End of rant.




*ADDED* 18 August 2010 - Forests NSW investigated over logging breaches. Further proof where money changes hands no government agency state or federal can be trusted. Threatened frogs, owls, bats or gliders mean nothing to loggers and developers.


*ADDED* 22 January 2013 - How can a state government controlled organisation be allowed to destroy our natural environment? It stinks. Forests NSW broke rules destroyed habitats for rare animals and plants.


*ADDED* 20 November 2019 - Illegal logging in Victoria.

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Taken on December 30, 2009