Cashew joy for the sweet tooth

Recipe to come.

  • Terry Thomas 3y

    I like that fabric, the colors all compliment each other. Is the fabric burlap?
  • Hussain Faisal 3y

    Nice shot
  • Madhu 3y them creamy....the best ones I have had were from England, would you believe! :-)
  • Martina 3y

    Wow, Harini! They look similar to fondants... or are they biscuits?
    I like the simple composition, focus and the color of wooden background. You have created a nice harmony of textures :)
  • sunshinemomsblog 3y

    Terry Thomas, thanks! Yes, you are right.:) It is burlap.

    Hussain Faisal, thanks!

    Madhu, wow! That is really surprising! I assume creamy meant smooth? I love that that way too!

    Martina, Martina, close to fondant but not exactly the same in terms of texture. Thanks you for all those sweet words.:D
  • Zwieselchen 3y

    Another one of your beautiful, appetizing food pics! I'm looking forward to the recipe. :)
  • Soma Rathore 3y

    LOVE it! and really creative styling. makes me think of the Xenga blocks. feels I can almost touch them (and eat them up!)
  • sunshinemomsblog 3y

    Zwieselchen, thanks! I will update here once the recipe is posted.:)

    Soma Rathore, thank you! I did not think of the blocks until I read your comment.:)
  • Aisha 3y

    That's exactly what came to my mind as well, Jenga blocks!!!! Nice arrangement and light here. Can you believe it, I'm not a big fan of kaju barfi, love coconut ones though. The ones I miss the most are doodh pedas I remember having in Bombay/Mumbai and winter melon pethas I had once at a sweet shop in Dubai!
  • sunshinemomsblog 3y

    Aisha, Oh! First one to say that.:)
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