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New Adventures | by Tim L Lowe
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New Adventures

So my friend got an Eastman 8x10 a while back and set it aside. Fascinated, I decided to try it out before he converted it to use in wet process or some other strange thing. (You gotta know Hans to appreciate all the old process fun he has.)


The first problem was the beautiful, pristine Schneider lens. It had no shutter. I was first thinking to shoot it stopped down and use a hat as a shutter. The I spied a really nice Schneider lens on a Linhoff board and decided I could rig it up to one of the empty lens boards. A lot of duct tape and some mild swearing and that looked pretty serviceable.


All the boards, except for the one I used, had a push pin kind of fixture mounted in the board. I'm guessing this was to operate some kind of shutter that sat inside the camera, behind the lens. Where? I'll never know and there was nothing in the case to act as a shutter. I also taped up two holes in the bottom of the front standard that seemed purposed to the same end.


If anyone knows about how these lenses worked, let me know. I can't find anything on the web.


I cleaned up two film holders and loaded 4 sheets of film. This was not a simple task as my changing bag is really too small for this and I did damage some film. I also loaded one sheet improperly and it fell into the camera when I pulled the dark slide. I'll load the rest of the film in a darkroom. As you can see here, one holder has a light leak so I'll have to find that and get some tape on it before I load more film.


My first shot was in a wooded area and I'll upload and discuss that shot later. This one was in full sun and, I think, came out pretty well.


f/32 @ 1/30 sec

Rodinal 1:25 tray developed for 6 mins

Scanned at 1200 dpi in 8 slices and stitched in Photoshop


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Uploaded on July 28, 2016