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    still needs some work, but it's gonna be
    a hella fun machine.

    1. chicken strip 87 months ago | reply

      It needs to be threadless but other than that I would love to see more.

    2. Andrew Gruhn 87 months ago | reply

      are you designing it for fork/wheel clearance on all the sizes? (like the big sizes for us over here in the states?)

    3. hardcore100 87 months ago | reply

      chicken strip>
      yeah, i agree.

      well, we're making/testing 50cm and 54cm first, because that's the
      size the JAN crew rides. after that, i'm sure we'll be developing
      bigger frames.


    4. burdphil 87 months ago | reply

      KILLER. Let me know when you start making 62cm, ha ha ;)

      Seriously though, that's awesome. Looks absolutely beautiful, love to see you guys doing this stuff.


    5. hardcore100 87 months ago | reply

      thanks, burd!

    6. Go-Hardt 87 months ago | reply

      were can I grab one and how much?

    7. hardcore100 87 months ago | reply

      this is still a prototype. when we are done with development,
      we will be selling them at JAN, a track bike shop in tokyo.

      and for foreign customers, we will be selling them on the
      JAN online store (and of course ship overseas)


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