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Step by Step | by Happy Monkey
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Step by Step

A quick how-to for my most complicated piece. You may want to open the full-size picture in another browser or tab.


1) A piece of tape about 6-8 times longer than its width.


2) Fold it as close to 60 degrees as you can.


3) Fold the short end over the triangular overlap. If it doesn't line up perfectly, unfold both folds and try again, using the creases as a guide. Cut off the extra tape on the short end when it is properly lined up. Fold the remaining long end until there isn't enough tape left to cover a side. Cut off the remaining tape.


4) Put the triangle onto a piece of double-sided tape on a sheet of paper. You may also wish to put plastic or wax paper under the paper, to protect the surface from the marker.


5) Color the triangles with permanent markers. You may also wish to let it dry for a while and add a second coat. This is where the instructions differ depending on the model you are making. For the model I am making, you will need twenty constructs, each consisting of nineteen triangles of one color and sixteen of another, for a total of 700 triangles. Good luck.


6) Stick ten triangles of alternating color, color side up, onto a strip of tape.


7) Cut the extra tape off of one end, and cut the other end into a triangular tab.


8) Use the tab to make a loop. Repeat steps 6-8 three times.


9) Put a short strip of tape in each direction onto one of the triangles remaining of the nineteen, and trim the edges to make tabs as shown.


10) Do the same for the last of the sixteen, with longer strips, and add the last three triangles around it before trimming the tabs.


11) Stick one loop on each side of the large triangle from step 10. Opposite the large triangle, attach the small triangle to all three loops. Use three more pieces of tape, through adjoining loops, to connect the loops. For all three pieces on all twenty constructs, have the tape go the same way. Trim the tape to make tabs.


12) Use the two tabs coming from each loop, along with an additional short piece of tape, to conect two constructs on the inside, You can reach inside to push down the tabs, or tuse a bent paperclip at the corners.


13) Continue, to make a loop of five. This is one side of the eventual dodecahedron.


14) (Not pictured) Along the way, add pieces of tape on the outside. I do this sort of on the fly, trying to make sure none of the gaps between triangles remains unreinforced.


15) (Not pictured) Once the reinforcement is added, recolor the triangles.


Part 2

Part 3


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Taken on September 19, 2005