Small is the New Big
We are finally all settled in our new apartment and we couldn't be happier! We are just made for small spaces...382 square feet to be exact.

This is TRULY HOME to us. We renovated it for almost a month before moving in and Matt spent over 60 hours painting and painting and painting, tearing out flooring, installing new switchplates, light fixtures, and more. It's hard to believe it's the same place. To see the before photos, click here.

Here are the names of the paint colors.

Brand: Behr
Livingroom: Warm Muffin
Bedroom: Toffee Crunch
Kitchen: Grass Cloth
Bathroom: Rocky Mountain Sky

We are still Compacting, however, I did make several allowances for this move. I tried hard to find what I needed used...but there were some things that I just decided to buy new. For the most part, we stuck with it and I'm very proud of us for it!

Come and visit us in Montana!
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