Noble Dolls by Vita Soyka
NOBLE DOLLS – art dolls by Ukrainian artist Vita Soyka and they are neither replicas nor imitation of wood English dolls. So author doesn't add them patina, they looks new as if they looked centuries ago when would created by an old master for sale. Noble dolls have to acquire their patina by themselves through the years of their real life.

NOBLE DOLLS – art dolls, carried out in early European wood doll style using original technology and materials, identical to ones existed in XVII – XVIII centuries. Doll costumes are made by hand stitching exceptionally, using original fabrics, threads and sewing accessories of XVIII – XIX centuries. All clothes removable and demonstrates in details European costume XVII – XVIII centuries. Shoes are wood-carved and miniature copies of museum models of XVIII century’s female footwear.
Paint coating consists of natural mineral pigments only, prepared using mid-century technology. All process of doll creating – scrupulous maintenance of old masters’ techniques, excluding synthetic materials.
Each doll is produced in about three months.

Prices are closely compared with antique french dolls' prices +/-.

Official site: Site is under construction, but will be in order soon. Please contact Vita Soyka directly by email: vitasoyka( at-sign )
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