radio for back up

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All comments and captions have been deleted by flickr. I am not allowed to discuss this.

The story of this photo can be found at,

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  1. Karin Bultje 101 months ago

    Oh my.....................

  2. Datafreak 101 months ago

    a sad day for all when you're not allowed to discuss your own photos. it seems uncontroversial... anyway, thats why if someone seems to have no ears, i carry a stungun and can run real fast, lol.

  3. TimSinclair1961 101 months ago

    like johnny rotten once said:

    "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

  4. zzpza 101 months ago

    have a look at this:

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  5. JP.G 101 months ago


    Shocking crap when they act like Nazis and delete stuff, in fact its insulting to everyone who posted.

  6. darius k. [deleted] 101 months ago

    silly flickr owners
    it's the highest time to leave this place

  7. M W Pinsent 101 months ago

    Hmmm. something rather appropriate about snapping him in front of Northern Wreck!

  8. john holland 1962 101 months ago

    Would love to know the story here ;
    john ;

  9. dark orange 99 months ago

    Thanks for keeping the story available, discarted. A very interesting read.

  10. bryan with a y 99 months ago

    he even looks like a prick so thats why he acts like one does your arsehole brother work at the sage car park in gateshead

  11. sinister pictures 99 months ago

    NE Togs, Flash mob the area. If 50 or so togs/video turn up all at the same time, imagine the fun!

  12. Andy Medina 98 months ago

    You may be interested to read of a recent similar experience I suffered at the hands of two of these hired thugs in Birmingham.

  13. otisluxton 83 months ago

    Ive just watched the video, and its absolutely ridiculous. I know you would have heard this a million times and even thought it, but how is it that he feels he has the right to stop you? Hes not police, he has not sworn oath to the queen, and therefore has no jurisdiction over you whatsoever. - You could have done exactly the same to him and it would have been equally as useless as his supposed 'power' Get these little hitlers of the street I say. Gah, it works me up so much! ahaha. I wouldnt have been able to keep my cool in that situation. well done.

  14. Naterally Wicious 52 months ago

    Happened to me last week:

    A visit from the goon squad

    The idiots are out there, people, and they're multiplying.

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