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The Making of Roslin Pinkinshire | by Happily Candied
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The Making of Roslin Pinkinshire


Because Roslin Pinkinshire holds so much significance for Pinkinshire's past and future, I needed to make sure every single piece of work that went into her creation was absolutely perfect. I thought I'd go into a little detail about how the process went for me...


Her creation was a roller coaster ride, I'll say that much! A lot of heart and soul went into the process-- and blood, sweat and tears. No joke! I used a Nostalgic Pop for her base because I wanted Roslin to have a translucent face: the type of doll with palest skin of all Blythes. I knew the usual natural skin Licca bodies I had used in the past wouldn't cut it for this custom so I went on a long, grueling search for a pale Licca body. In the end, the pale body was costly but completely worth it! Roslin's face and body match beautifully. I'm still in awe of how beautiful the pale Licca body is on her!


I seeked out some of my favorite talented Blythe customizers and asked for some tips regarding makeup and rerooting. With their advice and motivation, I was able to create my own process for customizing dolls. As with all future Pinkinshire Orphans, Roslin is completely matte: not one bit of shine on her face (both front and back plates). Her pink blushing, which is three gradients of pink, ranging from bubblegum pink to hot pink, was applied smoothly so it blends in seamlessly into her skin tone at all angles. I aimed to create a very natural look so no blotchiness in the makeup can be found. When it came to the lips, I wanted them to be simple but still have dimension. I carved a simple wide lip line and added two tones of pink lips: a baby pink base with hot pink highlights lining the bottom of her lower lip, the top of her upper lip and each corner of the mouth. After a lot of thought, I decided to keep the lower lids of her eyes (where the eyelashes are inserted) the natural translucent skin tone so her bubblegum eyelashes would stand out more against all the pinkness on the face.


Even after her pinkaful faceup was complete (more than two months ago), I had to wait many weeks to find the perfect shade of pink mohair for her. The search went on for what seemed like forever! Unfortunately, most of the mohair I dyed myself or ordered turned out too watermelon pink for my taste. (Watermelon pink has a it of yellow tint to it in most lighting.) Finally, a miracle happened and a friend came through for me. The most beautiful pink mohair I had ever seen had been found! Relief settled in. I worked hard to finish the reroot so I could get some promo photos for Pinkinshire. And voila! After all the pink motivation driving me for months, Roslin Pinkinshire became a reality.


She's a little piece of my heart I'd like to share with the world. Thank you for all of your support these past few weeks!

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Taken on May 9, 2012