Abstract Series 60 - HUMANWINE at the Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA Part 1
HUMANWINE at the Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA


A bit about HUMANWINE
The Muzik of HUMANWINE is fluid and changing with each line up. Often 1 or more players on stage will be playing together for the first time. While some songs are set in a modern or near future setting from an eco-anarchist stance against a plastic, non renewable lifestyle and other songs blatantly call attention to 'Vinland', a land filled with a mindless cog populace, the terrible Not-Me, YerYerOwns, Abrogated Munificents, Enjoyeurs, Hordes and a whole assortment of various shaped and sized creatures including ogres, beetles and missing seafarers who wouldn't carry their weight and didn't realize until it was too late...or did they? Tune in next show to find out.

M@ McNiss, matteo, micky - guitar, trash percussion + voice
holly brewer, olly, ilex en, yar - guitar, pianos, kazoo + voice

HUMANWINE has a stomach full of brains and skill from the following folks n8 'Nate' Greenslit, Paul Dilley, Court 'Courtenay' Vandiver, Ash 'Ashley' Vandiver, A Far Cry Orchestra, Skyler Fell, ZombieDan, Missa 'yeah i missa already, E-Star 'Esther', Jeremy Harman, Nathan Cohen, Brian Carpenter, Kaethe Hostetter, Brian Viglione, Brian King, Rev. Adam Glasseye Esq., Tim Maher, Mary 'Jen' Widow, The Grindhouse Marionettes to name a few.
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