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Abstract Series 188 - Boston Tease Party presents BEAVER Part 4

Somerville Theatre

55 Davis Square, Cambridge, MA


A definitive study of the comtemporary Tea Party Movement, their deepest frustrations and habits, and why the rest of us wish they would just stuff it.


Boston Tease Party presents BEAVER: Frontline of the Culture Wars

A Grotesque in Two Acts





A Study of the Tea Party and Their Deepest Frustrations, Onstage in Two Acts


Somerville, Mass—The fight against zealotry has to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of a few wingnuts. And extremist politicians aren't the only ones with vivid imaginations.


Scuttle a famous ship in Middle America, pitch overboard crates of rich history, and you've got a political movement marooned a thousand miles from any modern conception of Liberty and demanding a savage parody.


Boston Tease Party presents BEAVER does just that in just such a dystopia, where contemporary Tea Party politicians champion small government but pursue Big Government laws against women; where candidates gleefully tote banners of “Freedom” against a landscape of rampant homophobia and “birther” bigotry.


“What does it mean that people who want to lead us can't measure the progress we've made?” says Tease Party creator Vanessa White, whose credits include the smash hit, The Slutcracker. “Our show follows a candidate whose promise for small government can't conceal his struggle with private demons. Maybe some comedy, some dancing, pantomime, singing, and blasphemy—maybe even a few grains of truth—can help stop poseurs like him from winning any more elections.”


The Shot Heard Around The World getting misfired in New Hampshire? Paul Revere riding through Boston “ringing those bells” to warn regular soldiers of colonists' Second Amendment rights? White says misstatements by prominent figures like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin can be fun but shouldn't obscure what many of America's Tea Party politicians have planned for the country and groups like Planned Parenthood.


“Women are a favorite target. Since the last election, nearly 1,000 anti-choice laws have been proposed nationwide,” she says. “It's almost as if we dabbled in the new millennium, but a tide of right-wingers now want to drag us back into the dark ages.


BEAVER promises to join the universal fight for freedom with its own brand of revisionist history, invoking Greek myth, Christian ritual, pop culture, state-fair corn dogs and more jerky than you can shake a fish at.


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Taken on October 12, 2011