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DOM Kirche Aachen

I never went into town when visiting Aachen, until this week. I visited one of the largest and ugliest looking hospitals in the world and so it had to be compensated with some nice architecture. I went into the centre of town and found this site. It was not allowed to use a tripod here (until I gave some Euro's to the guy in charge) This Church is part of UNESCO world Heritage.

With its columns of Greek and Italian marble, its bronze doors, the largest mosaic of its dome (now destroyed), the Palatine Chapel of Aachen has, from its inception, been perceived as an exceptional artistic creation. Construction of this palatine chapel, with its octagonal basilica and cupola, began c. 790–800 under the Emperor Charlemagne. Originally inspired by the churches of the Eastern part of the Holy Roman Empire, it was splendidly enlarged in the Middle Ages. The Cathedral Treasury in Aachen is regarded as one of the most important treasuries in northern Europe.

How this image was made:

Nikon D7000 & 10-24mm (no, I even the 10mm was not wide enough to get it all in one shot!)

15 bracketed images were processed into 5 HDR images. These were stitched using Hugin Software into a vectorama image which was further tweaked to the result above. Hope you like it!

Have a great weekend!

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Taken on April 3, 2012