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    from quite a while ago when we went to sacremento.
    this was the strangest little house we ended up eating lunch at on our roadtrip. i could have sworn it was out of a book. it was an older woman who's house this was, and she decided to make it into a restaurant of sorts. she had a slightly creepy trench-coat wearing, long haired teenage son who was sitting at a table, with a laptop playing computer games. there were three old ladies sitting in the corner gossiping about who knows what. she also had a tiny gift shop with over-priced little handmade things. it felt very small town-ish.
    we really wished we could have stayed for the murder mystery dinner theater.

    1. Kid_Curry 27 months ago

      inside. some very handmade "art" on the wall FH020023

      not a very good photo, I'm afraid, but these were the old ladies gossiping in the corner

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