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A Story Worth Knowing | by hannah martin
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A Story Worth Knowing

Our hearts are physically four chambers. Emotionally though, it’s as if they are all only one, bottomless pit. We inhale a lot of love from other people in hope it will help our heart to continue beating but that love is so lifeless. There is no oxygen in it, no tangible truth. Yet we still hunger for it because it’s right in front of us. We sacrifice what we deserve for what will fill the mould of one of those chambers in that moment. We tend to forget that there are three other chambers, crying out to be fed and satisfied.

I knew a young girl who once turned to someone in her life who was a mentor, an authority and an advisor. Like every other rated R story of a broken rules and a confidence convicted with false romance, this one ended with a flattened life line. This story though is more than half a page in a newspaper. This story is more than a thirty second news report on CNN. This is a girl’s life.

Innocence bloomed into trust which bloomed into reliance, which later became an unbreakable bond between two beating hearts. A love was created between a young girl and someone she once looked up to. It was built of passionate desires and its foundation was created of lies. Neither or is at fault in my eyes because I see the blind folds they both wore and the secrets they both couldn’t keep.

I’m not here to tell you details. I’m not here to share with you the process that a relationship like that can possibly start. I’m here to reveal the truth about a strong girl who chose to stand when the world around her said “Sit back down and cover your face, you poor child.”

Yes, she was empty. Her veins didn’t even remember what blood tasted like and her heart didn’t even remember what the truth felt like. Her feet were cold and when they moved they walked in circles. He took everything from her, even her capability to cry. Oh, those eyes. They were the most difficult to look into because inside I saw absolutely nothing. Not that she lost her worth because of her situation. Not that she lost her inner beauty. Far from that, it was the darkness that wrapped itself around her soul and told her she deserved it. That darkness that lied to her every breath she took.


Don’t stop now. Keep listening. This story is a tragedy that almost took a young girl’s life from under her. Hear me, I say almost because God’s power is made perfect in our weakness. When the world is literally falling apart around us and we are walking as lost sheep heading towards the slaughter, He calls us by name. That young girl closed her eyes and allowed herself to die on the inside. Not because someone took the life from her this time. No, because she was ready to be born again into the kingdom of kingdoms where she would be recognized as a precious princess of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Her paths have not been straight or smooth. Her life has not been perfect or even peachy. However, as she bows down on her knees and looks up to the heavens, she feels words being tattooed on her heart. Those words are simple but so undeniable drenched in love. They say “I am your freedom”.

And it is then that the impossible happens…all four chambers of her heart are full.


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Taken on May 7, 2012