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A lot of people DISLIKE Valentine’s Day. Oh I’m sure at a time I was one of those people

but to me…Valentine’s Day can almost be like thanksgiving.

Instead though, be thankful for those that love you.


I’m tagging people because I wanted to upload a picture and do something to make others around me smile thinking of those who care about them.

I’m going to list five people. DO WHATEVER YOU’D LIKE


1.I am thankful for my best friends who I have lost connection with lately. Not that they see this necessarily but to Kerralie, Vicki, Sofia and Alexis. You girls have probably gotten me through the most in my life. I am so grateful for you and I think you are all so very beautiful on the inside AND the outside. I want you to know I really want to strengthen our friendships again to the point that they were because you all mean incredible amounts to me.

2.I am thankful for my family. My sister who makes me smile. Her babies who love and cuddle me more than I deserve. My brother who I miss. And my parents who are two of the strongest people I have encountered. There is nothing like making them proud. I love them deeply and wish I told them more often.


3.My new friends. Lately a lot of incredible people have walked into my life. I am so wonderfully, incredibly thankful for Rebekah and Tanner (although you’re not exactly new to me, the amount our friendship has grown in the past year…yeh. I am so lucky to have you). I have never found such encouragement in you both, in anyone else. You trust me and that means the world to me and you have hearts so in love with God. I am beyond proud of both of you beautiful girls.

4.Aaaaah, Austin. What can I even say? I’ve never had a boyfriend care about me with such a godly heart. I’ve never been respected or trusted like you respect and trust me. I don’t think I’ve ever found a personality that matches mine like yours does. Or have ever laughed so ridiculously hard with someone constantly. Most importantly though, the way our relationships with God have been encouraged and refreshed because of this relationship…yeah…I couldn’t be more thankful.

5.But when a bad day hits or the people who I care about disappoint me or hurt me, I know the one love of my life that I can always turn to is my God. My list of thank you’s cannot even be put into a paragraph like this but if I could say one thing, I thank him for these incredible people that he has put in my life today.


So Valentine’s day is almost over for me. However, I want to thank all of you flickr children for your support and kindness. I want to encourage you to think about the people in your life and how they have affected you and changed you forever. And hey, if you really feel like over achieving…go out of your way to thank them today for what they’ve done in your life.

love you all!


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Taken on June 24, 2010