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Untitled | by hannah martin
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a HUGE thank you to john t. gonzales for buying me a pro account. THANK YOU :)


We played pretend, we played house. We built buildings taller than our imagination and filled oceans faster then our naïve dreams could run. You knew it was only temporary. You knew I couldn’t stay in one place. Before the moon could close his eyes I was gone. Running. Running somewhere. I never knew.

You always found me. As if I were a magnet stuck on the rails of the underground city, a place you had created for emergencies. You built it and memorized every pattern like the back of your hand. You’d always whisper softly in my ear and tell me to follow. Then we’d disappear and build and fade. There was a place hidden underneath the thin sheets that kissed our bodies. Simple, white and plain. You were dependable. Sane. Perfect. I was not.

I have little to say, I’m really not sure where I’m going but I can’t breathe. An earthquake shattered all the windows, the storms tore up all the wooden structures and your paper heart, like the sheets we once hid under, covered up the lifeless fragments.

All at once like a tornado your eyes guided the path. Breaking me wasn’t your intention, changing me was. I learned quickly that you played Zeus. You watched and observed, then played with my human weakness long enough to see the connection. My lungs belonged to my heart. You stole my breath and caged my heart then one day, you told me it was time to grow up.

I stopped pretending that day but not a bone in my body grew and not a touch of my promising thoughts faltered. You might have left my city in ruins but it was never my home.

Runners don’t have homes.

We only have a chase.


Now now now now to be completely honest I really don’t know how the writing connects with the photo I just believe to me both have something to do with individuality and there’s something in me that’s always wanted to just be ‘that girl’…you know. The one that people just think…hmm there’s something about her.

I don’t know. BLAH. I’m broken at the moment and on a lot of meds. How do you people put up with me. My gosh

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Taken on October 23, 2010