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Honesty | by hannah martin
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honesty. honesty is in the whispers of secrecy. same rules. same morals. just different after effects.


Seven Truths

- I’ve been under weight my whole life. The reality or even ideology or EVEN the term “average” makes me terrified. As vain as it is and as badly as I try to not fall back into who I used to be im always more and more disgusted.


- I’m told perfection is impossible and ill tell others that, but secretly ive almost trained my mind to believe that thinking there’s no such thing as being perfect is weak and a way to make lazy people feel better about themselves. that being perfect is obtainable with a certain mind set. and I wont stop at anything until I find an achieving satisfaction through that


- two of my good guy friends ended up having feelings for me. I broke both of their hearts, im not over exaggerating, I obliviously destroyed them and still didn’t even notice. One’s away right now. he’s the most amazing guy I have ever met and secretly…although I don’t have feelings like that for him now…he’s the only person I could ever see myself marrying. well, more so the type of person i could see myself marrying.


-You know when you suck up to someone like a teacher or a boss and they shoot you down? and you feel as if no matter what you do they just won’t like you…I feel that way about my parents. it’s the weirdest type of rejection.


-I’ve never been interested in a guy and had them not have some sort of feeling more than friendship for me back. I know this sounds cocky, but im ridiculously scared for the day somebody who I really want won’t even look twice at me. I kind of wish I wouldn’t have gotten all the people I wanted, maybe then I wouldn’t have to feel that first time rejection when im at a place where that person could be something more than a fling. who knows.


-As a child I was an ugly duckling. and an awkward one at that. I feel like I still haven’t changed. no matter what anyone tells me.


-my secrets are all vain and immature. it’s gross. but the truth is no matter how deep and interesting I try to be. no matter how different and like a character in a book I wish I was im just another teenage girl. ew.


I think your secrets, when they get out, turn into honesty when you’re the one telling them. And I don’t think im the only other person who needs to know that…


OH . and to those who want to do these truths as ive been told by some people, GO AHEAD. gosh it was only my idea and my secrets. i guess, nows the chance to share yours :)


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Taken on July 26, 2010