Nigella Lawson's Millionaire's Shortbread

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    Best. Dessert. Ever.

    225 g. plain flour
    75 g. caster sugar
    375 g. unsalted butter
    379g. can sweetened condensed milk
    4 tablespoons golden syrup
    325 g. plain chocolate

    8x8 in sq. brownie tin or similar, greased and the bottom lined with waxed paper

    Preheat the oven to 170 C/gas mark 3/325 F
    Put the flour and sugar into a bowl and rub in 175 g. of butter, clumping the dough together to make a ball. Press this sandy shortbread mixture into the tin and smooth it down. Prick with a fork and cook for five minutes, then lower the oven to 150 C/gas mark 2/about 320 F, and cook for a further 30-40 minutes until pale golden and no longer doughy. let it cool in the tin.
    Melt the remaining 200 g. of butter in a large microwavable bowl, then add condensed milk and golden syrup. Whisk the mixture well until the butter is thoroughly incorporated. Heat in microwave for 6-7 minutes until boiling, stirring thoroughly every minute. It's ready when it's thickened and turned a light golden brown. Pour this molten toffee over the shortbread and leave to set. Melt chocolate and pour over the fudge mixture and leave to cool. Once set, cut the caramel shortbread into pieces. Makes about 24.

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    1. xaulleo 56 months ago | reply

      Merci buckets. Will try asap.

    2. The Neepster 56 months ago | reply

      Oh MY WORD! How delicious does that look.

    3. celia eddy [deleted] 54 months ago | reply


    4. louise_m_mcdonald 53 months ago | reply

      Easy recipe to follow, and tasted divine... even people I know who aren't really keen on caramel slices really enjoyed this tasty treat. Thanks for sharing it!

    5. Allana. 53 months ago | reply

      ahh this is what im cooking in cookery class! :)

    6. Stix Nockman 52 months ago | reply

      woooh it is superb

    7. Claire-. 51 months ago | reply

      might make thesee!

    8. Tallullah Fallullah 48 months ago | reply

      that looks like proper millionaire shortbread like my mum makes. Shop/cafe stuff is rubbish, caramel too dark and usually too sweet.

    9. ChickenDipa 47 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous! Will be trying this recipe on Friday

    10. habitate1 47 months ago | reply

      wow thanks for adding an incomplete recipe to the internet. I for one really enjoy it when i search for a recipe and the first one that comes up is actually wrong! You missed out the additional sugar that nigella adds to her caramel in her original recipe mine - to get it darker brown and tasting great. Fantastic waste of my time - if you're bothering to put a recipe online atl east do it properly. Oh so lazy!

    11. ChickenDipa 47 months ago | reply

      Made it following the exact recipe above and it was delicious!

    12. glenysy 44 months ago | reply

      do you have the recipe for the chocolate mint version?

    13. saskiaboo 44 months ago | reply

      how long does this take to make and prepare? and is it easy or hard? thanks

    14. shellywelly83 43 months ago | reply

      Made this loads of times now, used to do a similar recipe but had to make the caramel on the hob, which does seem to set better but I was forever burning it, this recipe makes it so easy to make.

    15. elizabeth1897 42 months ago | reply

      You should not assume everyone has a microwave and should include an alternative method.

    16. ChickenDipa 42 months ago | reply

      The picture is the result of a recipe which isnt the account holders. Its one of Nigella Lawsons.

    17. The Cooledges 35 months ago | reply

      Made this today - and oh my, is it good! Thanks so much. I put the tray in the fridge after a while to help set the caramel. Also I cut the slices before the chocolate was fully set, but a warm knife would work too. Enjoy!

    18. yarli12012 35 months ago | reply

      Works really well - be careful if using the hob, the caramel can burn easily. 3rd time lucky it was brilliant and loved by all.

    19. bovrilla 18 months ago | reply

      what power level should I use for the microwave

    20. amandabeavin 14 months ago | reply

      OMG These are truely the best i've had. Used the hob instead, took my time on the fudge filling so as not to burn. I now make these beauties in large qauntitiies.

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