Cube Sparrow

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Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim + Cross Processed Expired Kodak Elite Chrome 100. No post processing. Took a bit of convincing to get the lab to xpro it. Next time I think I'll take a waver saying "yes, I know its the wrong chemical and yes, I know the colours won't turn out right >:O" .

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  1. Lua Ahmed ages ago | reply

    "cube sparrow" [laughs head off]

    Photo looks decent though.

  2. silent cow [deleted] ages ago | reply

    something similar happened with the double exposed film I did. When I went to collect the prints I found they had printed only 6 of the 20 odd frames. Apparently they thought the rest were spoiled.

    What they printed were normally exposed frames with no redscale.

    All this is indirectly improving their range of services and experience along with ours.

    Anyway, I like this one too. Very peculiar grain effect on the white wall. Would have been better without the shadow (the real shadow i.e) about to headbutt oncoming sparrow.

  3. maghin ages ago | reply

    cross processing has come out amazingly!I love the shadow play too. portrait framing would have been interesting...

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  4. y.a.a.m.i.n. ™ ages ago | reply

    dude, have some respect manhh... ehehe
    nice pic, u got da ninja covered i guess

  5. Ali Samahi™ ages ago | reply

    kill em all!!!

  6. ПΔжЯ ages ago | reply

    this great...

  7. physical rake [deleted] ages ago | reply


  8. Aishath Azleena ages ago | reply

    hmm this is really nice... intresting

  9. shaari. ages ago | reply

    when colours dont turn out right you can always say its experimental photography.. heheh. i like it this way
    & wait a second. does that shadow represent what's beneath the outfit? a man? maybe. i've heard such stories....

  10. Loothed.exe (going through archives and such) ages ago | reply

    woohooo!! ninjas arnt extinct!!...

    i like this!..

  11. ikoophotos ages ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Rani Groupe, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    varan salhi obi

  12. Salt Water People ages ago | reply

    nice pic
    whats missing from the picture is a sword

  13. m o d e ages ago | reply


  14. illustrious metal [deleted] ages ago | reply

    all that's missing in this pic is a katana and a few shuriken .... :))

  15. f i Я a s ages ago | reply

    nice work!

  16. thanblyna ages ago | reply

    interesting, love the shadows

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