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I look like a freak when I go shopping.

I go later at night, sometimes at 10 if I happen to be driving by, and I usually have strange items in the cart as well as quite a few pounds of meat (over 20lbs most of the time). What white girl buys pig tails and pig feet and tubs of liver? This white girl :) You can usually see my disappointment and here me mumble, "They don't have any chicken feet!" or "No pork kidney!?"


Beef is not a common menu item for the dogs as it is never less than $3/lb unless on sale. At the moment it's $1.78/lb so it's definitely worth it.

I won't buy chicken if it costs more than $.70/lb. Chicken ain't worth it. Thankfully it's usually $.48/lb and one time it was $.27 and that, my friends, is a steal. I probably bought 30lbs worth of leg quarters.

Pork is not worth more than $1/lb. It's nothing special. Thankfully pork chops are occasionally $.49/lb and pork shoulder is almost always $.98/lb and it's a great "big" meal for the dogs.

Fish is never cheap unless it's nearly past it's prime. Tonight I scored BIG and there were, for the first time, several packages of ocean perch marked down to $1.88/lb as well as two packages of salmon steaks. There's currently a whole salmon in the freezer that was also a reasonable price a while back.

Turkey is the same as chicken to me. I don't pay more than $1/lb and luckily PayLow seems to be trying to get rid of holiday stock--all turkey is $.77/lb! Sweet. I just need more freezer room because a single Tom can feed Judah for a month. And Judah loves her some turkey.

Rabbit is also a rare, rare treat. It's always $2.98/lb and therefore too expensive to feed regularly. dogs pretty much live off of pork and chicken and turkey with some beef thrown in, and occasionally lamb if it's cheap enough and I don't want to eat it. I'm it's rare that I don't want to eat lamb. All day. Every day. Oh to raise my own lamb as well! One day. :)

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Taken on March 5, 2007