• This is Dusty! :) He always talking in his dream.
  • This is Rusty, he snores very loud!

Sleeping like twins

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  1. Scuzzi 102 months ago | reply

    OMG, they are so alike!!! so cute! what sweet brothers. =))

  2. 4's Hamster 102 months ago | reply

    Thank you Scuzzi!!! :DD

  3. 4's Hamster 102 months ago | reply

    Thank you! ceciliasierr and rainspoo!!!

  4. Jodi K. 102 months ago | reply

    They are adorable! Will you separate them when they get a little older? I understand Syrians are pretty solitary and will potentially fight when living together.

  5. 4's Hamster 102 months ago | reply

    Thank you mightyquinninlex!

    Snarky Dork

    Thank you! Yes, my concern is when they are getting bigger, the cage is not big enough for 2 active young men. But, they seems living happily together now, they stick to each other... what is the suitable time, I don't know!

  6. Jodi K. 102 months ago | reply

    I don't know what the time frame would be...I'd just hate to see anything happen to those cuties! (I have a dog named Rusty!)

  7. cknlomein 102 months ago | reply

    heheh they are suppose to be exercising!

  8. 4's Hamster 102 months ago | reply


    they feel safe in there! before that they running "together" in the wheel!

  9. Seattle Roll 102 months ago | reply

    Oh you got 2 Syrians?!? Congrats!!!
    So you have 4 hamsters now!!! :DD

    Yeah, unfortunately Syrians can't live together....
    Once you see their fight or squeak or any scratches on their body, that is the time to separate them.
    Espeaically boys. They will fight soon or later... :((

    I'm happy to see your new babies :))

  10. 4's Hamster 102 months ago | reply

    Seattle Roll

    Thank you for visiting me! Miss you so much!!!!!!!!

    Hehehe! Yeah! I got 4 hammies now! They grab my heart!!!

    When Rusty and Dusty live together, the cage was messy! Once seperated, both of them are very smart, where to pee, where to play and where to eat, they know them all.

    So, I guess they are suitable for live alone!

    Kiss Kuma, Lili and Baby G for me! ;P

  11. Seattle Roll 102 months ago | reply

    Thank you 4's! :))
    I'm looking forward to see more pics of them!!!

  12. Y e l i m o n 102 months ago | reply

    how cute hey look! T_T

  13. 4's Hamster 100 months ago | reply

    Oh! thank you Seattle Roll & mbtpc!:)

  14. ccindigirard 98 months ago | reply

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  15. 4's Hamster 96 months ago | reply


    OH! Hmmh... Thank you for your invite, added already! :)))

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