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This sunset makes me feel abt the nature, never repeted the same as the other day !!

Lets we Pray so that the accident never be repeted again in some ones life. I am greatful to my those flickr er who really made me feel abt the Humanity and the sharing of love and affectionate during last few days, I am also greatful to those who visited my wife at Hospital and called me over phone and Inquaired abt her well being, Am also greatful to my fiend Asif who dedicated aflower and mailed on my behalf to inform all my flckr contacts for a Prayer b4 her operation ,

My wife now recovering quick , more than the expected time, and am sure all your blessings working for her recovery, She is now sheduled to visit the doctor tomorrow on 03rd dec 2011 for review, I am totally disorganised and disjonted form all my works, But when I come to flickr I get some respite by reading mails written by you guys and viewing your excellent photos,

I Hope to be back soon !!!



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