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RamNa Botmul





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This Photo was taken on 05th mar 2011. This was a Personal Photo walk with a view to

Explore , Ramna Park , Dhaka, BANGLADESH, Ramna Park is the oldesr and Biggest park at Dhaka city, This was established during the British rules back and before 1947, This Park carries Heritage of civilization of Dhaka people, The Botanic Importance has emerge the park in many fold,

Besides Our National Calendar Year Celebration [Pohela Boishak] Takes place here at Commonly known as RAMNA BOTOMUL area. Before and even after 071 the park had a Wonderful restaurant , and presently its no more existing ,

There are many rear Breed of Flowers trees Like MANDA, Polash, Shimul. Canon Ball, Shegun, Gorjon, Chambal, Tetul, Korai, Champa, Pakoir,[ Plz Note all are Local name of th trees ] and many more unknown breeds are shedding the area for the people visiting and refreshing their mind and passing time with nature.

Adjacent to Ramna park, the other heritage bearing sports field is Commonly known now as Shawrawardi Uddan, early in Pakistan period , this was named as Race Course Moydan ,because The Horse Racing been played here till 1971, and the other establishment around Ramna park is our great Dhaka Club, Hotel Sheraton and Shishu park.

Beside the Sheraton Hotel , BARDEM HOSPITAL & PG Hospital also co located to this park which made the park avenue a rich and common use facilities for the peace loving people of Dhaka , BANGLADESH ,

My Photo walk along with my Shutter mate MS Karim bashir made a venture to collect few Images representing the value of PARK and Botanical impression here in this flickr community,

Hope you like this.


Plz Visit RAMNA PARK Here


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Taken on March 5, 2011