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SHADHINOTA 8/40 _EXPLORED [ Award Wining EOS 60D Camera Content _Feb 2011]






"SHADHINOTA is My Cause for the 40th Celebration of BANGLADESH Independence. The land, the mighty rivers and the natural beauty makes Bangladesh a land of unparalleled splendor and magnificence. Bangladesh was liberated after a prolonged war of Independence the declaration of which was given on 26th MARCH 1971. One of the worst genocides Genocide in history took place at the behest of an autocratic regime in the name of Political stability spearheaded by the then Pakistan President Yah ya Khan. After 9 months of Liberation war and the sacrifice of 3 million lives Victory came. In addition to the loss of lives countless others were rendered homeless, the infrastructure including roads and bridges and factories lay in ruins. The people of Bangladesh have shown time and again how resilient they are. After each and every disaster, natural or man-made the people have again stood up and started all over again from scratch.

My Effort here is to pay tribute to the valiant sons of the soil and the ‘die hard’ attitude of a people who can still smile in the face of adversity however great it may be. I plan to make a collage of images that represent the lives of the people of Bangladesh. I encourage you to upload a photo each day till I have a total of 40 images for the Cause SHADHINOTA in the group Frame BANGLADESH"


To be Continued till 26th March 2011


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This is [My Practice] a soft focus floral photo which was Taken from SAVAR Sritishoudho on 7th Jan 2011. The Image has a Cosmos Flower [Magenta color] in a soft focus and other white color out of focus, the Song during our Liberation war of Independence made the cause for fighting against those Pakistan Army was a Famous out of our all Patriotic song which was sung By our Famous Singer Apel Mahmood Mora ekti Phul K Ba[n]chabo Bolay Juddho Kori If you have time in hand Plz Listen this Patriotic song from BANGLADESH war of Liberation in 1971.

The Blur White is the symbol of all those Brilliant son of the soil now RIP at Sritishoudho, and the one[magenta color] in soft focus is the cause of those 7.5 core Banglali who Struggle for Liberation in 1971. is the representation of My feelings on the day I visited and took this image at SRITISHOUDHO at savar Dhaka, BANGLADESH

And the image is dedicated for my cause SHADHINOTA




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Taken on January 7, 2011