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Twilight through the time

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The wonderful sun set sometime may not always and with every one , travel from past to present , and following the future. The sensational mood shall depend on the place and the environment of which the sunset made an image in a human mind.


Even with to an honesty to corruption [ here corruption mens with environmental injustice] everyone has different feelings during a twilight at different place even at the same place by different person,

I noticed b4 , the birds enjoying twilight in this Horizon When Time Truned Away [সূয্য ডুবার পালা -1] at here , and Also shown you in my photo Nature Teaches Selflessness here How rude the people with nature, still the sun is selfless to the nature .


No I am No More trying to contradict the ppl with nature here , My subject is Traveling through twilight [Ttt] when I see through my lens from Dhaka BANGLADESH and Shown the world flickr community here , is almost its traveled all alone the world, But One traveling from past to present through twilight is a matter of his / her understanding to the climax in his life cycle, Climax in his relationship, and a climax through the age and age over and over !!! .


Let there be Light and twilight in every human mind and travel Through be past , present or Future,



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Taken on November 14, 2010