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Slow Down Partner !!!  5 9 5 0 3 6 has a Hiccup !!![LoLzzzz]  # 10 Front Page EXPLORED | by HamimCHOWDHURY  [Read my profile before you fol
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Slow Down Partner !!! 5 9 5 0 3 6 has a Hiccup !!![LoLzzzz] # 10 Front Page EXPLORED






Friends If you noticed the caption , I Decided to upload every 2 days One photo now and One photo now and On, Actually I do not want my viewers and those my contacts I care for and also those non contact but still they are very very supportive to me, need due attention from me on there uploads too, But I have 24 hrs and I have my family and My daily essentials to be attended, if I Only Upload and expect comments and do not visit your photo its unfair, After I have a throw exercise I noticed , If I upload one photo in 2 days I am Comfortable to view every days EXPLORED, FRONT PAGE EXPLORED AND INTERESTING PHOTOS ALSO I CAN VISIT MY CONTATS AND Non contacts Fave / gallery and some of there collections too, at the same time each comment can be back from me, There fore at this moment I like to slow down a little in uploading but do not read me wrong , I shall not slow down form comment and view of your photos, This slow down is to respect my contacts and viewers .




This Photo was taken form Digombor BAZAR Of HOBIGONJ Dist under greater Sylhet Distric of BANGLADESH during my visit to Dawan Maruf’s residence at Village Raj Surath, under Bahubio Thana,




I Hope you remember my New yr Upload, which I just attached below this photo, There I mentioned abt the realism I learn and the timings from Nature that I enjoyed, is really Notable, This was Long time Before the twilight , the Birds [crows] Were seating apart over this High tension eclectic cable, while a little apart From cable line if you notice some of my friend seating down on a dry paddy field and awitng for the twilight to drop down , and One of my friend just below the eclectic pole walking down to join them, was the time I took this shot, thinking I might not be getting the dream shot , later which I could take. And am now posting that below this photo.


Thanks In Advance for not Inviting me to any Group and Attaching Graphics to this picture as a pat of your comments, I appreciate you to view my photo , click Faves and write your comments instead you copy pest your comment to me, .


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Taken on December 24, 2010