Labour Day 2020
September 7, 2020

Labour Day in 2020 looks more different than it ever did; many communities, Labour Councils, Unions are holding on-line vents. Others have organized cavalcades of cars, trucks and motorcycles in lieu of massive marching parades.
Here in Hamilton there were two such cavalcades, one held by Labour Council and one held by Steelworkers. Both in tribute to our front line workers, both well attended and well received.
The Steelworkers circled the General and St. Joseph’s Hospitals and drove past Juravinski Hospital all the while waving flags and honking horns all along the way. Our float had huge signs thanking them.
We’d like to thank speakers Andrea Horwath and Scott Duvall and a shout goes out to MPP’s Paul Miller, Sandy Shaw and Monique Taylor for joining us.
A big thank you also to those who organized the day and to the Bill Good Band for another great performance.
Afterwards about 150 packed sandwiches with polish sausage were handed out to the people living in tents outside Wesley Urban Ministries.
What will next year bring? Whatever happens, labour will adjust.

Photos taken by Mike Hnatjuk (USW Local 5328)
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