Labour Day Parade & Picnic 2019
The week leading up to Labour Day is always a busy one for the Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council; Operation Backpack, providing and serving a meal for those who are most vulnerable in our community and decorating the trailers with a different theme each year and of course Labour Day itself.

One would think that it should be old hat and a cake walk as we have been doing it for so long but each year provides its different challenges. 2019 is no different.

How do we decorate our float, where do we hold our picnic where we don’t get our tents blown over, how many kids will we have and on it goes?

Last year was easy; Doug Ford was elected just months prior and started making cuts to everything he could as fast as he could…many which have been reversed because of the public outrage.

We thought at first we should just repeat what we did last year, save some money and still have a very nice looking float. Done.

The announcement that our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau will be marching in our parade changed that. Whatever plans we had came to a full stop.

Going into an election it seemed to be much more important to show where the Steelworkers stand and who we stand with. In a few short hours we had a plan that would not only get our message across, make our float look good but would send a message to our Prime Minister.

Not only will we work to hang on to our current NDP Federal seats we will work even harder to unseat the Liberal incumbents who so boldly lied to us in the last election.

All in all its been a great week.

Photos taken by Mike Hnatjuk ( USW Local 5328 )
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