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Sleeping Beauty

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I want to introduce you her majesty, our unnamed beloved chick =)
She's -4 months old, and is growing in such a way that we simply can sense her size change every day!

While we both expecting her and can't wait to see her eyes, but in a totally paradoxical situation, we are afraid of her born...
If you are a father or mother, I think you should know what I mean! It looks the greatest and heaviest responsibility for us up to now in our life!

And I can't describe you how much I envy Somayeh, or better to say I envy all you girls! Because you have the ability to experiencing a real real real creation just inside your body, and Somayeh is now experiencing what I even cannot imagine.. I envy her!

We are making ourselves ready for welcoming this new "human being" in last days of June or first days of July.

Let's pray for her health, of both body and soul..

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  1. S@M@N 85 months ago | reply

    tabriiiik tabriiik man kheili dir fahmidam ama kheili tabrik migam
    az khoda mikham madaro dokhmal salamat bashan

  2. ♥Shirin♥ [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

    cogratulations to both of you! make sure you guys sleep as much as you can now, because good sleep wont be back for a really long time.

  3. AA.jj 84 months ago | reply

    :) manam tabrik migam !

  4. [­EBRÂHIM] 84 months ago | reply

    samimane be shoma va hamsaretan tabrik migam,mobarak bashe.

  5. avinirani 83 months ago | reply

    برای تبریک گفتن به پدر و مادری چون شما هیچوقت دیر نیست امیدوارم کوچولوی گلتان را در نهایت آرامش دور از هر دغدغه ای پرورش دهید و هرروز بیشتر از روز قبل شکرگزار خالقی باشید که این نعمت بزرگ را به شما ارزانی داشته

  6. Hamed Saber 83 months ago | reply

    ممنون :)

    Thank you everybody...

  7. Hossein Ghodsi 82 months ago | reply

    Hamed jan or I should say dear new father, it is almost end of June now! :) Congrats in advance.

  8. Hamed Saber 82 months ago | reply

    @Hossein Ghodsi: Yeah, we are waiting for her this week ;)

  9. avinirani 82 months ago | reply

    منتظر دیدن خانم کوچولو با یه دوربین عکاسی تو دستشم

  10. Siris .. 82 months ago | reply

    این جیزقل خیلی طولش داد !!!ا

  11. avinirani 82 months ago | reply

    تولدت مبارک دلارام خانم گل

  12. Nima Shafaieh 82 months ago | reply

    تبریک !
    تولد دختر تون مبارک باشه ایشاللا

  13. delaram-a heart in peace 82 months ago | reply

    هزاران تبریک به شما خانواده ی خوب میگم :)
    واقعا چه نعمتی

  14. romorga 77 months ago | reply

    so beautiful and precious, God bless

  15. Siris .. 75 months ago | reply

    vaghean bavaresh sakhte ... che sarie ye sal gozasht..

  16. sass11 64 months ago | reply


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