Delicious Dead Bee and Hungry Ants

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    On the wall of tiny yard of our house.

    Added to Flickr Explore (interestingness) page of 27 June 2006.

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    1. limejuiceandgin ages ago | reply

      Mm, yummy dead bee... :S Fantastic photo, though: the colours are lovely and the focus on the unusual subject is really nice.

    2. Cyril.F ages ago | reply

      very very nice shot ! Bravo !

    3. joto25 ages ago | reply

      Wonderful capture of the ants carrying their food home...

      The World Through My Eyes

    4. ComputerHotline ages ago | reply

      Thanks for licensing this image as CC "by" !
      Your photo is uploaded here :
      under the terms of the Creative Commons "by" license.

      -- (?)

    5. dorat2008 ages ago | reply

      Dear Hamed Saber

      This is to ask you if I can use this great image in order to participate in an Athens video art festival. My video visualizes an ecological fairytale I wrote in Greek that I also narrate. I think that art owes to be concerned with the key issues of our age, like environmental pollution and has to also keep us all concerned with such issues. The images I will use and yours among these are a hymn to life and to our planet (it also has to do with Adam and Eve and a new paradise) . In the introduction to the video I will say that:
      the following video includes images from (artist’s names), in order to visualize my story. There is no relation between the artists’ original intentions and my use of their images. The present use is exclusively for artistic, non-commercial purposes.
      Also, in the end there wll be detailed mentioning of the sites from which the images were taken. Please accept my many thanks to you as an artist. I will consider you a co-creator of this video.


      p.s.My account doesn't allow me to send more than ten messages, so this is the only way to contact you.

    6. Hamed Saber ages ago | reply

      @dorat2008: Thank you Dora, it's my pleasure that my photo can be used for a good purpose like what you said.
      This photo is licensed as CC_BY so you can freely use it.

    7. Miguel_Flores ages ago | reply

      wow, what a photo, you've taken the entire nature in there.

    8. John 3000 ages ago | reply

      W O W -- chilling & awesome!

      >>>seen on
      1-2-3 group

    9. Vab2009 ages ago | reply

      Recycling at it's purest. Excellent shot!

      The World Through My Eyes

    10. Lily Greenwood ages ago | reply

      too bad for the bee.

    11. ellipsoidal 118 months ago | reply

      omg! this is amazing.

    12. Siris .. 116 months ago | reply

      cheghadr az morche badam miad ..

    13. ayj6m6l 115 months ago | reply

      Ina 6 tayi az pase ye zanbur barmian ma 60 million tayi az pase Mahmood barnemiam.

    14. Bill Power Photography 72 months ago | reply

      Excellent - nature at work.

    15. westfallscreative 55 months ago | reply

      I would like to use this photo as the reference for an illustration to be used for fine artists body of work for exhibition - as well as - possible signature artist merchandise (tshirt - giclee prints, lifestyle functions) should final piece exceed exclusive reception. This is incredible work and very inspiring to me.

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