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    We can be inspired by so many things…in this case a string of old lights laying on the floor. With not much motivation to be in a hurry to hang up the beauty of joy in the season these lights lay helpless in the pile that was thrown. But all through the tangles, the colors and shine came. The bright breathes of fresh season and the hope of new dreams. It all draws a person to thought with the jolt of juice from the wall. What a beautiful time to be inspired by the little things, learn new things, remember the old things, feel the special things.
    Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I am going to get back to the wonderful land of flickr joys. I welcome this Christmas season and I hope I can capture things that I have never done before. I guess you just never know what you will find on Andrea’s stream..lol. Have a great weekend my friends. Blessings~

    (ps...it's kinda funny to be laying on the floor, holding your breath and trying to get a clear shot of an unfocased subect...clear of unfocased..lol...now thats something I could run with..lol...later guys:-)

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    1. A Glimpse of Blessings (Andrea ;-)) 83 months ago | reply

      I love playing in this manual focus. I call it my bokeh/blur. So I hope it will not bore you too much.
      String of Color
      (String of lights)

    2. Gaio Torquato 83 months ago | reply

      Unusual shot...
      Very beautiful...

    3. worldisnice 83 months ago | reply

      So colourful and beautiful!

    4. El Justy 83 months ago | reply

      awesome andrea

    5. ~Roxanne~ 83 months ago | reply

      Love that Christmas-y bokeh

    6. Tom and Pam 83 months ago | reply

      Beautiful! Yes - you never know what you're going to get on Andrea's steam!!!

    7. krateboy 83 months ago | reply

      This is a fantastic shot!!!!

    8. - POD - 83 months ago | reply

      Yea bokeh!!! =) I can't wait till I get home and get a chance to shoot some Christmas tree bokeh!

      Beautiful photo!

    9. A Glimpse of Blessings (Andrea ;-)) 83 months ago | reply

      - POD -
      bokeh bokeh bokeh!!lol Gotta love the lights my friend, they make me smile! Have a good one!

    10. delsignorem 83 months ago | reply

      Oh ! You , wise, clever one ! Sometimes we focus so hard on the getting the laser sharp , we forget about the blur & what might be possible to achieve with the blur .....Something maybe in the range of this Beauty ! :) Thank you , Andrea for always making me think ....& this Beautiful, warm result !!!

    11. Nick Boren Photography 83 months ago | reply

      Never boring my dear friend.. I enjoy all your photography.. after all.. I do have a vested interest you know.. :-)))

      Fabulous bokeh color on display here Andrea.. and remember... click on.. ;-)

    12. Maureen Bond 83 months ago | reply

      dandy color, woo hoo!

    13. Bellisaringin 74 months ago | reply

      I like it...if you look at it for a few ...the lights look like they are moving. great pic and illusion

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