Gotta shoot 'em in the head - Arson Porter
Gotta Shoot 'em in The Head
Arson Porter

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 26

Malt: Belgian Ale. Caramünch II. Ecologic München. Special B. Peat Smoked Malt. Carafa I.
Hops: Columbus/Tomahawk. Cascade. Saaz.
Ingredients: Smoked Lapsang Black Tea. Spanish Pepper. Liquid Smoke. Dried Red Chili Flakes.

"Tar and evil marries in your mouth. Quite bad mood in the throat as well as belly. We love it. It hates us."

We armed this cannon with smoked Lapsang tea, spanish pepper and Liquid Smoke for that inbreed bacon presence. This is what it feel like when doves die (from drowning in tar after gotten dynamited).

We're gonna continue make this beer, containing smoked black lapsang tea, pepper and liquid smoke til' we make the best wild west style lynch mob tar bath dark beer in the world. This is to feel like gunpowder exploding in your mouth.

Visit us at Church of The Atom
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