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A star.

A covered moon and a bellowing wind, through leaves which grumbled for their arousal from slumber.

A girl.

Young in a appearance, but oh, so aged in all things inside. She could push herself to the edge of the sky and never fall for trembling. Yet her blood ran thick and clotted within her veins, and her eyes grew pale even as she fixed her gaze on that which others could not see. There was a tar in her lungs; a fungus, spreading over her skin. But the blood—it poured from the gaping wounds inflicted by a battering world. As the blood trickled down her side she could taste something new; something fresh. Something rich and pure and cleansing.

A quickening pulse, but still so dull.

And the One. He turned and gazed at her pale and weary profile. The variety of texture and curve and delicate hair on her face, it was astounding. But he did not notice it for the great black wave which caught him upon glancing her way.

Whispered voices.

Soft-spoken words.

"If you could go anywhere, where would you go?" He breathed into the silence and the chill of the darkness.

A pause, in which the world seemed to contract and expand in time with her lungs, with a deep sigh.

"I would go," she replied in a breath, "to Freedom. I would go somewhere where I could inhale a fragrance and so become a color. Where I could paint a thought on the blank canvas of physical touch, or speak a word and taste its meaning on my tongue. I would go where I could be what I am—truly, and to my fullest capacity. Soak in what it means to live in the Land of the Free."

And his breath slowly went from steady to nothing, as her words seemed to pry open his rib cage and peel back the skin to those lungs. The chill flooded his being, and his eyes were a reservoir slowly leaking. It was as if a thorn snagged in his side and tugged a salty tear as he wrenched his deep brown eyes away from her face.

A blush.

She'd done it again. She's said too much. Exposed too much self to this man. Her brokenness was complete, and she could tell that he knew it; he could see the rot within her flesh.

But did she know, that the catch of his breath and the chill down his spine, were from simply a glimpse of the beauty behind her eyes?


This is for you. Because you are beautiful, and I really hope you know that. Every millimeter of skin, every gallon of soul. You are breathtaking. You make me catch my breath.

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Taken on November 11, 2011