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Wild and free [EXPLORED] | by Halley Alexa
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Wild and free [EXPLORED]

I can feel it. I can feel the life springing up in me. I am a lily of the valley. I am the color red. Bring me to life again, that I may live true and free, as the Indians once did. I am a cloud, shifting shapes in the sky. I am a ripple in still waters; a spark to ignite a wildfire, roaring across dry plains. I am the sun, burning to bring this place to life. I'll set out on the adventure; the journey across the scorched grey sky. You won't stop me. Nothing will. I have set my course to run unequivocally until I can run no longer. I will weary myself with my own wild living. I will be a free and unrestrained spirit in a spacious, bright land. I will see with eyes not my own, see this place as something different.

And when I feel the cool breeze playing with my hair and my eyelashes, it will no longer be merely the sensation of freedom, but it will be my very escape; my release into the world I knew so well as a child. And when I feel the ocean spray dash against my face and arms, it will not be merely saltwater soaking into me, but it will be living water, come to draw me in with the ocean currents and all their presence in my pulsing veins. The sun will be my life source and my inspiration. The stars will be my guide and my desire. The mountains will be my defense, and, well, my absolute insanity. Reckless abandon will be my home. Vivid exuberance, foolish unrestraint, forsaking all reason or want.

And everything you see here will be barbaric and uncivilized. And all the songs we sing will be unknown to you. You will be a stranger in a strange land; an alien among the savage. Do not try to tame us. We are the children of the earth; the dancers of dances, the dreamers of dreams. We do not live simply to survive, but to create.


If you read all of that, you are wonderful. While you're at it, you should press L. Cheers. [+5 in comments]

REPLACED. It seemed as though a lot of people liked this one the most. ;)

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Taken on April 10, 2011