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    I'd never picked white Chanterelles before. Claudia found this patch and generously agreed to split the bounty with me.

    1. kat cruickshank 78 months ago | reply

      Lovely shot! They look great on the red cloth...

    2. halle 78 months ago | reply

      Thanks. Red bag and f 2 baby!

    3. A L MacLean 78 months ago | reply

      Maybe my screen's color is off...oh, they're white chanterelles. I haven't seen those. Were they as good as they yellow ones?

    4. halle 78 months ago | reply

      they pretty much taste the same the only difference being that the outter flesh color is not truly white but very pale compared to normal chanterelles.

    5. kat cruickshank 78 months ago | reply

      we tend to see whites later in the season here, though i found a small bunch a few weeks ago. In winter (er, rainy season) conditions they seem to soak up a lot more water than the golden chanterelles and can often be too soggy to bother with. You got yours at just the right time!

    6. halle 78 months ago | reply

      I once heard an art dealer say:

      "If it doesn't sell make it red. If it still doesn't sell make it big. And if it STILL doesn't sell make it big AND red."

      There's no stratergery here; the bag I happened to grab before heading out this morning happened to be the red one. Cooking the whole lot tonight with butter, olive oil, garlic and a touch of soy and sugar. Will eat some of the sauce though freeze most of it to enjoy come winter.

    7. Mark Griffith 77 months ago | reply

      Hmm you torment me and tease me with your plethora of mushroom finding.
      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    8. anjoudiscus 77 months ago | reply

      Je suis curieuse ... comment les apprêtez -vous tous ces magnifiques champignons?

    9. halle 77 months ago | reply

      Elles s'appelles 'Chanterelles' en Anglais et 'Girolles' en français, n'est-ce que pas? Cellui-ci sont Girolles Blanches.

    10. Janice L 77 months ago | reply

      Yum, sounds good. I've never had chanterelles. Do you have a recommendation on how to prepare?

    11. halle 77 months ago | reply

      @Janice L: They are my favorite mushroom by far. When I cook them I try to be subtle in order to avoid masking their 'earthy' taste. Typically I will sauté them in either unsalted butter or olive oil(or a combination of both). First I lightly brown either garlic or shallots and then add the Chants and sauté under medium heat for 5-8 minutes. Near the end I add a pinch of sugar and some low sodium soy but not so much of either so you can taste either too much. Amazingly the sugar and soy enhances the Chants' flavor. Someties I'll add heavy cream or half 'n half at the end. My wife really enjoys cream sauces. I can take or leave cream sauces.
      @Mark Griffith- If you're ever near Portland in the fall I'd be glad to show you a spot or two. I've never picked up there before. It's a banner Chanterelle year this year for sure though it's getting late.

    12. A L MacLean 77 months ago | reply

      Sounds good! I haven't tried using soy w/ Chanterelles yet. I usually do a cream sauce w/ butter, scallots, garlic and just a pinch of anchovies.

    13. mister mark davis 77 months ago | reply

      my friend jim goes mushrooming a lot. he shares his bounty on the internets too.


    14. Puma Ghostwalker 77 months ago | reply

      Nice find!

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