HMCS Cornwallis 1944-1945
HMCS Cornwallis was the main training base for the Royal Canadian Navy in World War II. It opened in 1943 in Deep Brook, Nova Scotia and closed in 1992. It was named after a British admiral who was the uncle of Edward Cornwallis, the founder of Halifax.

Following unification of the Canadian Forces in 1968 it ceased to be a navy-only facility and became CFB Cornwallis. From 1994 to 2011, the base was home to the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre; UN peacekeepers from around the world receive training there.

These photos and illustrations were scanned from a magazine simply entitled "Cornwallis." There is no date of publication, but the photos and text indicate that it was published during the war.

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During its long and proud history, Cornwallis trained a half-million Canadians in military service. Here's one man's story:

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