Royal Canadian Navy Battle of the Atlantic album
In honour of the Canadian Navy centenary, here is an album of photographs from Halifax, Nova Scotia during World War II.

The album belonged to a resident of Annapolis Royal. She doesn't recall how it came into her possession, but it may have been given to her or her sister by soemone stationed at HMCS Cornwallis.

Whoever compiled the album was neither a stickler for accuracy or a very good speller. It is nevertheless an outstanding visual record of the Battle of the Atlantic. Most striking is the variety of vessels depicted -- demonstating that the war at sea was fought not just by corvettes, but by Fairmiles, armed yachts, minesweepers, destroyers, frigates, cruisers and fleet carriers. Other Allied navies are also represented -- US Navy, Royal Navy and Free French.

The annotations are based on Ken Macpherson's CANADA'S FIGHTING SHIPS (1975); Macpherson & Burgess's SHIPS OF CANADA'S NAVAL FORCES (2002); JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS (1942) and JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS OF WORLD WAR II (1989).

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Go Royal Canadian Navy!

May 2010
Updated January 2013
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