Independence Day: White House Scene

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    Marty Gilbert: "A countdown... wait, a countdown to what David?"

    David Levinson: "It's... like in chess: First... you strategically position your pieces and... when the timing is right... you strike. They're... using this signal to syncronize their efforts and in 5 hours the countdown will be... over."

    Marty Gilbert: "And then what?"

    David Levinson: "Checkmate."

    ...A submission to the "Mi-Fi" microscale LEGO contest:

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    1. : VolumeX : 23 months ago | reply

      Love it. checkmate.

    2. Catsy [CC] 23 months ago | reply

      Instantly recognized from the thumb.

      And I maintain that David Duchovny in Celebrity Jeopardy did a better Jeff Goldblum than Jeff Goldblum ever did. ;)

    3. Dakar A 23 months ago | reply

      Awesome! Even though it's somewhat out of your controll, I really like the bubble in the middle of the lightsabre blade, it looks like someone getting taken up into the ship! Blogged on Bricks in Space!

    4. deborah higdon 23 months ago | reply

      will you be bringing this to brickfête in july? brilliant work!

    5. whyfrown 23 months ago | reply

      Cool, that is definitely micro :)

    6. halfbeak 23 months ago | reply

      Yes, this and a few other bits. Just registered today...

    7. felt_tip_felon® 22 months ago | reply

      genius build - so well done sir!

    8. halfbeak 22 months ago | reply

      Many thanks for the blog!

    9. Greg 50 22 months ago | reply

      Fantastic work ! I recognized it as soon as I saw it.

    10. nolnet 22 months ago | reply

      This looks like a winner to me.

    11. halfbeak 22 months ago | reply

      Thanks for commenting!

    12. _Tiler 22 months ago | reply

      Awesome work!

    13. Pellaeon 22 months ago | reply

      Instantly recognizable, probably the most iconic scene entered in the contest. Probably would have won if ID4 was a better movie. :P

    14. Outer Rim Emperor 21 months ago | reply

      Oh you beat me to it! lol Great job though!

    15. Caleb F 20 months ago | reply

      Amazing!! :)

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