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Vvirus-1 Vvview | by halfbeak
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Vvirus-1 Vvview

Cheeky Dock Technician: Whoa! Nice Upgrade! How did a low-life bounty hunter like you pay for these? [Gesturing towards the shimmering prong-mounted field generators].


Captain Plasma: Huh? Easy. When I'm hauling back the rich kids I just threaten to stab them in the nuts with this [aggressively waving his right "arm"] and their mommies pay right up with a little extra for my troubles!


[Captain Plasma turns on his "heel" and stomps towards the dock bar.]


Cheeky Dock Technician: [Calling after Captain Plasma] - Well, those are some brave colour choices, Cap'n - heh-heh...


Captain Plasma's Blaster: Pew!


Cheeky Dock Technician: Gnnaarrgh! Ungh! Whump! [Electro-spanners clatter to the floor with the technician's smoking cadaver].


BUILDER'S NOTES: Play features include a triple clamshell cockpit with HUD, adjustable angle wings/prongs and retractable landing gear. This MOC is based on the nnenn cockpit box, albeit slightly adapted for a more vertical format.

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Taken on November 14, 2011