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U-Wing Polling Shot | by halfbeak
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U-Wing Polling Shot

The U-Wing was produced by Koensayr Manufacturing (also of BTL Y-Wing fame) as a light, superluminal space interceptor. It was the first small starfighter to be Class 1 hyperdrive-capable without having to rely on a hyperdrive ring, thanks to a new design of paired micro-quantum motivators hooked up to a highly experimental new NavCom that took all the programming out of the pilot's hands, supposedly minimising all chance for error.


But with experimental NavComs come risks, of course. When the time came for the Jedi Order to test the new fighter, they decided to use their most expendable Jedi 'Knight', as it were. Master Yoda himself said, "Test-fly the U-Wing, Pokludix Zaa will. A pilot of, ahem, tremendous good fortune he is. Herrr, herrr, herrr."


Pokludix had a beloved pet mynock at that time, named Rofo, and they went everywhere together, including on test flights. Predictably, shortly before the programmed hyperdrive entry point, the mynock, as is their wont, indulged in some light snacktime cable chewing. Just as the U-Wing was about to enter hyperspace the chewed cable led to a massive malfunction in the null quantum field generator.


So instead of arriving at the programmed recovery point in the next system, the U-Wing, Zaa, and Rofo the mynock arrived in a very low and rapidly decaying orbit around the uninhabited planet Xyth in the remote Cyprix system, 21 parsecs beyond the Outer Rim. Fearing for its own safety (with a suddenly button-mashing (but still mysteriously smiling) Pokludix at the helm) the mynock took over the starfighter's controls and managed to land the U-Wing safely on the planetary surface.


A Jedi rescue party arrived soon after. The mynock was obviously delighted, flapping around like billy-o at the prospect of heading back to a power cable-rich Coruscant. Was Pokludix happy too? We never knew for sure. He just continued to smile his fixed, inscrutable smile.


Built for the 2nd round of the Alphabet Fighter Contest at FBTB.


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Taken on November 30, 2013