Wolf & Maiden concept store
Wolf & Maiden concept store at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town – a new retail showcase for their handcrafted leather bags and belts. Interior design by Haldane Martin. Photography by Micky Hoyle.

Wolf & Maiden’s flagship store at the V&A Waterfront designed by Haldane Martin showcases the handcrafted leather goods by artisanal South African design brand Wolf & Maiden. The capsule retail space uses high-concept interior design to bring their ethos of “the future of legacies past” to life while making the product the hero.

The design concept is crafted around the moon – closely associated with the wolf, and “moon dog”. A colour palette of the night sky is offset by the focal point of the store: three moon-like illuminated brass rings encircling the product. Warm LED striplights embedded inside the rings create a halo effect around each bag on display, mimicking the waxing and waning of the moon.

The blue background is the complementary opposite of the warm leather products. It was created with blue dyed leather and blue stained chevron flooring and wall cladding, alongside travel icon wallpaper, to offset the warm brown leather pieces and brass finishes. Polished brass highlights the traditional brass hardware of the product and reinforces the quality and attention to detail. Leather strip curtains are a novel way of concealing stock storage below the merchandising display, while further celebrating Wolf & Maiden’s mastery of leather craft. The display units designed using art deco radiused geometry are reminiscent of the romantic era of travel.

For the customer walking through the mall this unique display in a small and striking concept space creates a point of difference in the mall that will draw them in. Attention to detail and quality materials in the visual merchandising speaks to the legacy and exclusivity of the product. The overall space is a capsule of the brand’s identity – showcasing its heritage and handcrafted design aesthetic in a style that is both nostalgic and modern-day.
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