Burning Man 2008 projects / Octobike
The weeks before Burning Man are bliss for me.
It’s like the journey begins 2 months before I pack my RV.
I have a Pavlovian response...and I start to CREATE. Ideas fly thorough my head.
My world becomes paint/glue/fabric/cut/spray/glue ...TA-DA!
My apartment becomes a studio. The foam-cutting knife does not get put away after use. Nor does the glue gun.
Pink fur scraps infest my apartment…like some Fraggle virus.
And the artistic projects fly through the house at an incredible rate.
My “Cut first – measure later” design philosophy blossoms like a gorgeous weed during the Pre-burn season.
I let it ‘float more.’
I have FUN!
And the stream brings such delights!
This year I’ve been inspired to create:
•sticker design
•rubber stamp designs (x3)
•Art Bike,
•Goggle-head-dresses (x2)
•Customized clothing (x5plus)
•and now we're working on decorating a Lounge on the Esplanade!

Plus I have 3 “events” I’m hosting during the week.
1) Bike Ride – Wed. 12:00 noon @ Bat Country 9:30 & Espl.
2) HugNation – Sat. 12:00 noon Center Camp, spoken word stage.
3) And I also act as a Courier.
By “Courior” I mean that I bring things ot the playa for people.
I extend the offer every year on my blog that I’m happy to bring something to anyone’s behalf.
Sometimes it’s a picture to print out. Or old letters.
Letting go of an expectation or a regret.
This year a beautiful young woman sent me ashes of her child.
And a letter of celebration. Celebrating the miracle of the brief life.
She had named her child after Grandpa Caleb.
But he was very premature.
Now Baby Caleb’s ashes are making the same journey as his namesake.
But I can’t help but think that from the perspective of the Cosmic Dance…it is beautiful.
We are born. We live. We die.
We are loved. We love.
The number of breaths we take does not determine the worth of our lives.
Rather, it is the purity of the journey.
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