Lens - Panasonic 7-14mm f/4 ASPH LUMIX G VARIO
Origionally posted on 09/10:

I used this on my GH1 and carry it with me on long trip to middle East - Levant area Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

The lens proved to be an excellent companion to all my outdoor landscape work and tight indoor shots in meusums, churches and mosques.

With its lightweight body and almost no distortion at all (thanks to excellent GH1 in-camera correction), this was the only suitable lens for my travelling style.

I used Tokina 11-16 f2.8 an excllent lens on D90 but very heavy comparatively and with less flexible focal range.

Can't recommend it more, a must have for any travelling photography enthusiast.

Update 01/01/2012:
Though my rating is unchanged for this excellent lens, recently I bought Oly 9-18mm so thought should give some quick comparison:

Well focal length is obviously wider on this and sharpness is much higher at corners and is faster at f4 throughout its range, if you are only interested shooting at 9mm and f4.5-6 (where this lens is sharp) is all you need, in my case yes that's what I normally use my UW at (good enough for tight interiors), then Oly gives you following advantages:

- bit extra reach on your disposal
- smaller size/ collapsible design
- can mount a UV filter (other filters are not required in this digital world IMO)
- half price chop

otherwise extra price on panny 7-14mm is worth every penny.
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