Lens - Olympus 9-18mm f/4-5.6 ED M.Zuiko
Well ok, its not the sharpest and widest you can get on M4/3, Panny 7-14 is excellent in that regard. But how much it matter, is really something that matters :)

I had Panny 7-14 before and I loved it, but later I couldnt hold my >800£ in drawer for more than a year, so had to sell it. Lets admit, ultra wide is not a lens you would want on your camera all the time. Its application is mostly limited to some specialized work.

Recently I planned again my trip to MiddleEast, this time Jerusalem, I found this little lens available this time, at roughly half the price, reviews were not bad, so I gave it a try and here is my opinion:

+ Its ultra light, ultra small and very easy to carry in a corner of your jacket pocket. Specially, its collapsible design is amazing.
+ Its budget king and give you some impressive standard coverage as well. In day light I don't really need to switch on my 20mm f1.7 as often as before.
+ Its sharp enough, don't compare with Panny at pixel level at corners and you are fine. Little PhotoShop RAW adjustment and there you go.
+ It takes filter so add on a small UV filter (Hoya HD Pro UV is my choice) and you are safe with the glass. I lost the lens cap, so UV filter is all I am having on it now. Actually its good in a way, I dont have to keep worrying about removing and placing cap, all the time now.
+ Its wide enough, though 7-14 was wide, insanely wide, this in my opinion is mostly what I needed, there were very few times (less thab 5%), when I missed the wider coverage.

The only complain is they didn't bundled with a carry pouch or lens hood. But then this is like a normal Oly practice these days.
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