Invigilator forms part of the Walk to Work series of pieces.

Invigilator : Derby Paul Conneally transposes Nikki Pugh's journey to work as invigilator in Birmingham gallery VIVID to a starting point at Loughborough railway station. Paul caught the first commuter train to arrive this took him to Derby from where he then followed the left rights and straight ons of Nikki's walk in Birmingham but this time in Derby until he reaches his work destination which he found was on a building site. Here we see the Invigilator's chair and beside it the visitors book. Paul tidied up the space and then invigilated it asking people passing through the space to fill in the visitors book just as the invigilator at an art gallery would.

The photographic doccumentation of INVIGILATOR : DERBY was undertaken by Kevin Ryan.

INVIGILATOR is a Collaborative piece by Paul Conneally, Nikki Pugh and kevin Ryan
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