I was at my office overlooking the boston marathon which is half a block from the finish line when the explosion went off while watching which was a shock.. I ran to grab my camera hoping to catch any leads but here is what i have. Please share if you feel these might lead to what occurred especially the before shots of that area of the 1st bombing.

My observation is that the explosion was in front of the "candy store" or "marathon palace" in a trashcan or something on the far side of the sidewalk near the fence that exploded. Big blast of fire, and smoke, but it all vanished so fast and not much left to see minus lots of shattered glass.

This is a sad day for such a great event. I was amazed how fast the medics and nearby citizens took action to run into the smoke, rip off their shirts to help the wounded.

Please share, post, link this set if you feel these photos might aid in figuring out this tragic event.... especially in the "Before photos" which show lots of faces and perhaps clues.

UPDATES: interesting reads about the photos:
- reddit: www.reddit.com/r/boston/comments/1cf5wp/2013_boston_marat...

- If you are looking at the exif data, i realized my am and pm were flipped on new camera but times are accurate otherwise.

- FBI, Police already have these photos. thanks for info to send them.

- If you spot a pattern, oddities, etc, please mark up, tag, and send to authorities. Sending to me is just me. Please send any thing to authorities or post in comments so they can see.

- 54 mins before 1st explosion: www.flickr.com/photos/hahatango/8652816493/in/set-7215763...
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