St. Eugene, Patron Saint of Normal Cell Division

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    Everyone I know has been deeply affected by cancer. Either someone in their family has it, or has had it, or they have or a friend or someone they know and respect. I sit at a microscope all day long looking for cells that have changed, lost control, gone wrong and turned into cancer cells.

    One day I was sitting thinking that there should be someone to take up the job of Patron Saint for normal cell division. Because if there is something to pray for, it's just that. And there are just so many patron saints for such unimportant things--this seemed very important. I am not catholic, nor religious for that matter, but I wanted to create an image that could be a place where science and religion could co-exist and use their powers for good.

    So, may all your cells divide normally.

    I chose the name Eugene because the prefix EU in science means normal or good. And gene well that speaks for itself. I've uploaded the huge image straight from my camera so you could tool around and see the background details if you'd like to. Eugene may already be a patron saint of something else. That's ok, I don't think he'll mind this task.

    He stands on a cell in metaphase where all the paired chromosomes are lined up. In front of him is that same cell in telephase, where the chromosomes have gone to their respective sides and are ready to be the nuclei of their own daughter cells. Above him to each side are the final two daughter cells, perfect and just like each other.

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    1. HaggisVitae 104 months ago | reply

      Hi CONOR!! In this H.V. world, it's all very fair. My saints play no favorites and are there for everyone in equal measure.

      Can I also add that St. Eugene is pro-stem cell research as well. After all what better way to move forward to cures for so many debilitating illnesses including cancer. GWB is one of the sorry few who just does not get it. God help us.

    2. Conor Ryan 104 months ago | reply

      *sigh* Alas, Dubya is beyond Saint Eugene's assistance... Tut, tut.

      It's always humbling to know from the example of our illustrious (ill-lustrious) leader that even God can make terrible mistakes. *sigh* (again)

      ...Satan would never be so crass as to bestow us the Shrub, I just know it.

    3. sbeagle 104 months ago | reply

      In full Agreement with HV and Conor Ryan. Good point about satan. But why have we been foresaken with the Shrub?

    4. Freund Studio 104 months ago | reply

      Great one Julie, we all need functional modern saints. Saints for cars, and buildings, and howz 'bout an anti-nuclear weapons Saint.

    5. HaggisVitae 104 months ago | reply

      Hiya Sniz! Just like ticks and cockroaches, Dubya is proof there is no god, or that he has a sick sense of humor.

      Arch!! Missed ya! Yes, we need so many. Looks like I have my work cut out for me!

    6. Nadine1016 104 months ago | reply

      thank you so much for this be well too! i just discovered your stream and visited your offer so much nourishment for the will take me a while to explore your stream and website...WOW!! just so inspiring

    7. HaggisVitae 104 months ago | reply

      Nadine, thanks for checking out my website!

      livhouse - I also wanted to thank you for finding our dear Eugene in the list of saints. Also thanks for summarizing that! I checked the link and WOWZA there's a bit too much information. He does sound like an ok guy though and one who would not mind the added task of overseeing cell division.

    8. Joy Eliz 104 months ago | reply

      This is soooo cool! I really like the idea of Saint Eugene -
      Here's something weird... Today I did a rough sketch of a Saint... I needed a 'good' piece for a friend - I've never made a Saint before but today seemed like a good day. I now think it was a *miracle* (hee-hee) and a manifestation of St. Eugene!! I'll post him when I'm done painting...
      Does this mean you're a scientist?
      A mad scientist? How cool would that be!?

    9. sbeagle 104 months ago | reply

      She might be a little mad, but she is definitely cool! :)

    10. HaggisVitae 104 months ago | reply

      Awww, my sniz! I am a cytologist, Joy. An artist first and foremost, that was degree #1, then back to school to be able to pay bills, and now I look at cells all day in a pathology lab in a hospital. Whichhhhhh, I am late for right now!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeek! More later, cannot wait to see the saint!

    11. seriykotik1970 104 months ago | reply

      A great image- it's good to see there's someone reining in those selfishly self-replicating cells. Those cells are a bit like bureaucy- they will grow and grow even if it means sinking the whole ship. Beautiful work as always!

    12. SilvisRivers [deleted] 104 months ago | reply

      The spirit of the cell went mad
      Cracked open and
      Spilled white earth
      Losing all its power of death

      An anti self
      Gave birth

      And left my father
      As shadow gasping flesh
      Draped now
      Quietly behind

      Did I tell you
      On new years eve 1999
      I held his ash

      We saw 2000 in
      As cannonades crashed

      And my rocket for him
      Burst its final flash

      Sprinkled falling burning star tears in the smokes ....


      (Cor Dolor Cum Visione...)


    13. SilvisRivers [deleted] 104 months ago | reply

      God bless ...

    14. SirLovalot [deleted] 104 months ago | reply

      great icon and so much entertaining stuff in it!

    15. Jhaan 104 months ago | reply

      Here, here; hrrrmmmph; now; let's not get all carried away, trying to normalize cells an' all; I mean, really; you'll just end up abby normalizing the Saints; and we just can't have that; tradition ya knew; all silliness aside, you're magnificent in you madness, dear; Carmen's mother went through 3 bouts of cancer; ending up in her bone marrow; it hits very close to home, this; thanks alot for being sooo creative and atypical in your "isness"; Muchas Garcias; Abrazos, Amor y Paz Mundial {;~}>

    16. i_yam_annie 104 months ago | reply

      thoughtfull and thought provoking.

    17. Barbara Boward 100 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much for this photo and these words. They have touched me deeply.

    18. sbeagle 100 months ago | reply

      It was nice to see this one come come up again!

    19. HaggisVitae 100 months ago | reply

      What u mean 'come up again', snizzy?? Thanks everyone I never thanked!!

    20. Dollymae Dagger 71 months ago | reply

      Please feel free to join & add to my group-

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